Software Inheritance

Inheriting software application code, especially complex systems, is no simple task. We frequently find ourselves in front of new clients with existing systems that are unstable or are in need of significant changes.

responsive designs

Day by day there are various of new Smartphone’s models are coming the market, so designing a website for any specific phone will not work on all devices. Here we are really need to understand what is the use of flexible lay out design means, Responsive design.


Bootstrap 3 currently has 4 grid classes for columns, .col-xs-* for mobile phones, .col-sm-*(768px & up) for tablets, .col-md-*(992px & up) for desktops, and .col-lg-*(1200px & up) for larger desktops. Bootstrap 4 will increase the grid system with a fifth one that will facilitate developers to target smaller devices under 480px viewport width.

Mobile OS

Today, smartphones are increasingly used to accomplish every little task from paying bills to online shopping to net banking. As more and more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse the web, internet traffic generating from mobile devices is rising exponentially every year.

Mobile Usablity

To understand the actual need of mobile app users, it is always good to put yourself in your consumer's shoes. As a mobile app user, what step you will take if -