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Enterprise IT Services & Outsourcing

For small and large organisations we provide expertise and support to develop applications that enable business growth & deliver value to their customers.

As an IT Department, when you are not managing your voice, data and application infrastructure or answering calls from distressed users, your focus is on delivering company-wide, core-infrastructure applications. Despite a desire to do so, solving departmental specific challenges and developing ad-hoc applications – is something you’re hardly ever able to fulfil.

How we can help you?

We appreciate that working with an external software development company can seem alien and intrusive. That’s why when we’re working with you, we consider ourselves an extension of your enterprise IT department – we’ll support you, not make your life harder.

By making use of our professional and methodical application development skills, you can increase your capacity to deliver for your business without putting additional management strain or pressure on your department.

You can rely on us to deliver:

  •  A development partnership – we are an established, fully-staffed and managed software development company. We are able to take a brief, assist with establishing the detailed requirements and then deliver the solution you require on-time and on-budget.
  •  A standard development environment – we base our development on Microsoft SQL Server and .NET, utilising Microsoft-based Rapid Application Development and Automated Testing tools. This ensures that we deliver a solution that has been built within a standard development environment.
  •  Code that’s developed in-house – all development takes place by our in-house team in Singapore. We do not outsource any development work.
  •  Simple Intellectual Property (IP) Rights – all IP rights are fully transferred to you.
  •  Re-usable code – we don’t use proprietary technology or plug-ins so any Microsoft-trained developer can work on the code without specific proprietary knowledge.
  •  An end-to-end solution – our aim is not just to develop business applications, but to provide you with a complete solution to your business needs. We do this by delivering a fully working application that can either seamlessly sit within your existing infrastructure or can be hosted by us as a cloud-based application.

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