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Welcome to Syngrid Technologies Pte Ltd.

We launched our IT Services division due to simple reason – our existing clients were very satisfied with our career consultation services that they expressed their intention to work with us for IT Services.

Mak Combination of technology, expertise and innovative outlook ensure a customised software solution to suit the needs of any business. We launched Syngrid Technologies Pte Ltd with a mission to be a reliable one stop shop for all IT needs. When we diversified to IT Services, we decided to bring the same commitment, high standards in our work, and our highest quality of service into our IT Services.

With Traditional It Models We help Organization to streamline application and product development by implementing best practices and project execution methodologies. We help you to reduce your cost .Syngrid Technologies Pte Ltd has made a formidable reputation in delivering high quality solutions fast and reliability.

Why You Need To Choose Us?

Find a good software development company is hard, but find the company that will become your long-term partner is much harder. And here we are. We work with various programming languages and we develop custom web, mobile, and cross-platform solutions for your company whether you run a huge enterprise, medium size business. We make the whole process of development transparent for you and we can provide you the things that important to you, such as:

We are not only skilled expert in IT industry, but we also passionate about our work and we do our best to build unique software solutions for our customers. Contact us today and let’s discuss your custom software development needs.

We always looking for talented individuals who want to join our family and share the vision of Our Firm.Join Syngrid Technologies Pte Ltd that will engage your mind, inspire your creativity and develop your career.

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